That Schick didn’t score many goals? The coach of Leverkusen defended that will change, for the Czech striker currently

According to Leverkusen football coach Gerard Sewan, the striker of the national team Patrick Schick is performing well in the new season, although he has not yet scored many goals. The Swiss coach stated this at a press conference before Saturday’s Bundesliga match with Bremen.

Schick, like the whole team, did not start the season perfectly and after the cup goal in the third-tier net Elversberg waited four games for another competitive intervention. However, he has already scored in the last two rounds of the league.

Siwan said of the Bundesliga: “I love Patrick’s game this season. He runs a lot, fights and creates a lot of chances. His position in training is also perfect. He scored goals last season and he will score them this year as well.” The second best scorer last season.

Leverkusen is gradually improving after a poor start to the competition year, which they confirmed on Tuesday with their 2-0 Champions League victory over Atlético Madrid. “It was a very tactical match, but we will need such discipline in the game in the upcoming matches as well,” said the 43-year-old Swiss.

On Saturday, Bayer will try to move away from the penultimate position in the league’s home duel with Bremen, in which goalkeeper Jeszy Pavlenka should start.


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