The advertising department’s postponement of the Magpie’s Nest incident is not final. The police were wrong



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The police decision regarding the ad department’s postponement of the Sparrow’s Nest case is not final. During the early stages of supervision, the Prague High Public Prosecutor’s Office discovered police misconduct in connection with the erroneous decision of the injured subject’s circle. Affected persons can file a complaint, which is decided by the Prague City Public Prosecutor’s Office. Agrofert claims it did not break the law.

Prosecutor Superintendent Katerina Weisover wrote that the Prague City Public Prosecutor’s Office did not correct the aforementioned police misconduct. “The district public prosecutor’s office in Prague has been instructed to arrange remedial action,” she said.

Diary N after that said, according to the chief prosecutor, the fraud lies in the fact that the police sent the relevant solutions only to a central financial institution, the Financial Services Agency. Notification must also be sent to the financial authorities where the company is headquartered. The Central Finance Authority did not appeal the decision to postpone the case.

The lawsuit concerns allegations of tax evasion in payments to Chapi Nizd Conference Center from an advertising company owned by Agrofelt. Agrofert belongs to the Trust Fund of ANO Chairman and former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. Criminal investigators investigated suspicions that a total of 272 million crowns from 2010 to 2013 were actually not spent on advertising, according to media reports, but Chapi Hunizd repaid loans and agro Helped Felt cut taxes. Advertisement payments were said to be fictitious or too high.

Agrofert only has information from a press statement from the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague, spokesman Pavel Heřmanský said. “We continue to believe that we acted according to the law,” he added.

The city public prosecutor’s office notified the police of the postponement of the case in June this year, and confirmed the procedure itself the following month. According to him, the evidence indicated that advertising spots, audiovisual works, or promotional materials were in fact produced. The High Public Prosecutor’s Office then requested an examination of both police and surveillance files. Weiss noted that surveillance continues.

The main branch of the Chapi Hunizd case related to subsidy fraud will be heard at the Prague City Court on Monday. Babis and his former adviser Yana Nagyova are indicted.

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