The application of humanitarian benefit has encountered problems. Ministry: We will

So, I thought about going to Kladno, so you can do a better job there. But even here you can only find endless waiting lists and time is running out. You cannot apply for a retroactive monthly allowance. She learned from an acquaintance about the less hesitant business office in Dobříš, and succeeded only there without queues.

There are almost eighty thousand, mostly Ukrainian women, who took refuge here before the war, already working in the Czech Republic.

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After this experience, I decided to explore the possibility of receiving assistance electronically. She created an electronic citizenship ID at the bank where she has an account, and the next time she applied without having to go to the office. “It was a huge relief to me. Before that, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to apply in time and my favor would be lost.”

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After all, the Employment Office recommends that applicants prefer submitting electronic applications if possible, as this will avoid long waits in queues. Svetlana, who is Ukrainian, also described that she went for help in person only in March and April, and then dealt with everything online. “I got the money in ten days,” she said, “everything is fine.”

The new app is having problems

Since the 1st of September, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has created an updated application for both computers and mobile phones. “The modification will provide simpler management of the application and a number of benefits for the users themselves. They will have a detailed overview of whether some information needs to be added, or in what amount, the feature will be given to them. It will not be necessary for people to go to the counters just to check the status of “Everything can be handled simply without anyone having to queue at the office,” Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marianne Gorica (KDU-ČSL) said. The application no longer allows you to send an application without a citizen ID and barcode to visit the labor office, as They later verify the identity of the applicant.Everything is done either electronically or only in the office.

After the new version was launched at the beginning of September, problems arose. “I do not know, the system constantly fails. And the office staff does not always know where the problem is, so I have to personally go to the counter, ”Marina described her experience. “The program keeps reporting an error, and I don’t know what to do with it, and I’ll probably have to go to the office anyway,” the first added. As the spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Jacob Augusta, said, difficulties may have arisen in registering with the citizen’s identity due to the lack of availability of basic records. “We must add in this case that it is a problem on the part of the Ministry of Interior, which manages the electronic identity,” he added.

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Although Anna was able to log in and fill out the application, she made a mistake. “But the app doesn’t have an edit button so I couldn’t fix it anymore and it asked me to call the business office. So I have to go there again.” However, as confirmed by the ministry, as of September 8, the addition and debugging functions in the application will become available. “So if it is necessary to provide additional data to process the application, the applicant does not have to go anywhere and can do everything online,” he specified. From 15 September, applicants will receive information about the status of their applications via SMS to their phones or to the email address they provided in their application.

The dose can also be processed in branches

Some Ukrainians have understood the Czech government’s appeal to deal with humanitarian aid electronically so that the possibility of arranging everything in the branches of the Employment Office is abolished. “I live in Kromwich. I used to go to the labor office here every month and had no problems with waiting or paying the benefits. If I had any questions, they could be resolved on the spot. There are very decent and helpful people,” Olesya described.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Jacob Augusta, also confirmed that it was still possible to apply for a humanitarian benefit in person. “However, we prefer the administration’s electronic processing, and this method is now more convenient for the applicants themselves. We are constantly working on improving the application, based on the feedback we receive. It is true that more jobs will be added during the month.”

How about a human dose?
Questions about filling in the data in the mobile application or the web or consulting questions on humanitarian allowance in Ukrainian can also be answered on the phone line +420950180100 or by e-mail


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