The organizers of the memorial service ask attendees not to bring donations. Photography will not be allowed in the hall for discretionary reasons. Condolence books will be prepared immediately. After the theater farewell, the floral gifts will be taken to an impromptu memorial site near the entrance to the Vysehrad cemetery, where they will be placed until the evening hours of September 3. Here, too, it will be symbolically possible to say goodbye to your favorite singer and maybe even light a candle.

Funeral Requiem for Hana Zagorova, August 30, 2022. Dagmar Patrasova and Felix Slovacek.

Photo: Funeral Requiem for Hana Zagorova. Remember the singer’s friends and colleagues

The singer nodded at the show years ago Kalish theatersto star in the musical Jack the Ripper. Her first musical role was on stage. She did not live to watch the musical “Biography of Love”, which will premiere on September 16 and consists of her songs.

Zagorova was accompanied by health problems for a long time. Her condition began to deteriorate after contracting severe coronavirus in September 2020. Due to fatigue and weakness of the organism, she has canceled her work commitments since last August. On Tuesday, close friends and colleagues bid farewell to the singer at a public mass at St. Tomáš in Prague in the Malá Strana.

During her career, Zagorová sang nearly 900 songs, worked in several bands and in the Apollo and Semafor theaters. Since the second half of the sixties, she has belonged to the most prominent figures of the domestic pop scene. She has made a name for herself not only with her signature voice, but also as a lyricist, actress, and presenter. She released her last solo album, Já nemám strách, in 2018. Two years later, Zagorová recorded the album Konečné with her husband, opera singer Stefan Margitta.