The Austrian Chancellor supports the introduction of an electricity price cap at EU level.



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Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer supports the introduction of an electricity price cap at European Union level. On Friday, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala spoke out in favor of setting an energy price cap at the European level. The Czech Republic, which holds the Presidency of the European Union for the next six months, urgently wants to convene a Council of Ministers to discuss possible special energy measures.

“We must finally stop the energy market madness, which is only possible thanks to European solutions,” he said. don’t hit with a hammerHe added that he would try to convince EU bloc leaders to set a cap. to work together to stop the price explosion,” the prime minister said.

Austria is heavily dependent on Russian gas, mainly for industrial and heating industries. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, gas from Russia accounted for about 80% of Austria’s supply. But the majority of Austria’s electricity comes from renewable sources, and Austrians are less aware of the fact that gas and electricity prices are closely linked in the market, Reuters said. did.

Electricity bills need to be decoupled from gas to bring them closer to production costs, Nehammer said. “We can’t let (Russian President Vladimir) Putin decide the electricity tariff in Europe every day,” he said. He added that he had spoken with his German counterparts about measures that could be implemented quickly. Olaf Scholz and the Czech Republic Peter Fiala.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic Marian Yulechka Speaking on Sunday’s CNN Prima News show, he said the Czech government was ready to come up with its own solution if the EU could not find a common solution to rising energy prices.Vice Speaker of the House Karel Havlicek On the same program, on the other hand, he was skeptical about a solution at EU level. He pointed out that many countries already have price caps and different energy sources, so a common solution may not be suitable.

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