The burnt-out OVH data center is back in action, ICT sanctions on Russia are working, Intel graphics cards –

He is always a Friday reporter Jean Sedlac A selection of interesting news from the world of information technology. What happened this week?

OVH opens data center in Strasbourg, which suffered a major fire in 2021. The new version is supposed to be more durable. The individual rooms are separated from the supporting infrastructure and, for example, the batteries are located outside the data center.

VMware fined for hiding slowing sales from investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission fined him $8 million for this. The SEC concluded that “VMware delayed the delivery of license keys for certain sales orders until immediately after the end of the quarter so that it could report revenue from the sale of related licenses in the next quarter.”

US politicians warn Apple against spreading Chinese chipsAnd the Analyzed by the Financial Times. Apple wants to get started on iPhones and co. The use of NAND flash chips from YMTC, which has made great strides in competition with Samsung and others. Marco Rubio For example, he mentioned that Apple is playing with fire.

A research center headed by the former president of Google Eric SchmidtAnd the Caution in studyingwhich – which China may win the battle for technological supremacy. The years 2025 to 2030 and the areas of 5G, artificial intelligence, and chips/microelectronics are critical.

Among other things, China announced this week that He wants to add 50 more high-tech regions currently to 173 regionsup to 2030. In the past 10 years, 84 of them have been established, and these areas account for 13.4 percent of China’s GDP.

Penalties are in effect. Russian operators are getting more expensive and the quality is getting worsehe is writing Ondrej Mali In the comment on E15. Our comment on Lupa about How far is Russia technically backward.

Intel has finally released the specifications for its dedicated graphics cards. These are the A380, A580, A750 and A770 models. More at However, there are rumors that Intel may reduce gaming graphics and focus only on those built into the processor, supercomputer models, and servers. The company has not yet confirmed this, but it has had big problems with the project for a long time. President of Intel Pat Gelsinger He also previously stated that he wants to scrap the other divisions in addition to Optane.

The Poles will produce their own SSD disks with PCI Express 5.0 interface, near Ostrava. Wilk Elektronik is located there, offering the GoodRam brand, which is not very well known, but has been supplying the market with RAM modules and memory cards for some time. It takes chips away from traditional players.

comp Broadcom and Intel offer Wi-Fi 7 at 6 GHz. Wireless data transmission reached 5 Gb / s, that is, more than 600 Mb / s. This is somewhere around the SATA interface.

The owner of two Czech studios developing NFT games has received additional billions, despite the massive drop in the market. Hong Kong-based Animoca Brands, which bought Czech companies Gamee and Notre Games, took $775 million at a valuation of $5.6 billion. Animoca specializes in NFT games, and also has shares in OpenSea, Axie Infinity, and a number of other projects.

Rožnovsk chip maker Onsemi (ON Semiconductor) increased its sales to four billion crowns last year. The company is aided by billions of dollars in investments from American owners. Onsemi in Rožnov works on chips for industry and is increasingly specializing in chips based on silicon carbide. The company wants to be number one globally out there. Sales are expected to reach 4.6 billion in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm this year. Rare gases from Ukraine and Russia are causing problems.

It is not created yet and does not move, and the European Union already wants to tax and regulate it. We are talking about the metaverse and virtual worlds, for which the rules are prepared in advance in the Federation. TechCrunch breaks it down.

Unicode 15 released, adds 4,489 new characters. There are 149,186 of them in total. 2 new fonts and 20 new emojis have been added.

ARM introduced Neoverse V2 cores. It will be the first to appear in upcoming Nvidia Grace GPU accelerators. Nvidia also wants to create a chip that links the CPU and GPU with NVLink. V2 is said to outperform AWS’ Graviton3 chipset.

Two interesting news on Netflix: Cyberpunk: Edgerunners It is a funny anime series set in Cyberpunk 2077. Watch scandal! Bring a Wirecard It is a document describing the status of Wirecard.

Linux Foundation Europe launched. Early members include Avast, Ericsson, Accenture, Bosch, NXP, SAP, SUSE, TomTom, Bank of England, and others.

Meta (Facebook) is sending the PyTorch framework to the Linux Foundation. The deep learning tool, which was originally developed in-house, has also become popular thanks to its open source form. Over 150 thousand projects have been built on it on GitHub.

The Linux Foundation is also launching the OpenWallet Foundation. The goal is to develop interoperable digital wallets. Members already include Okta, OpenID Foundation, Accenture, CVS, or Ping Identity.

The upcoming Intel Raptor Lake 13900KS processor should reach 6GHz. AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 should have an overclock of 5.7 or 5.8 GHz. We don’t know any other details yet. processor anyway I managed to overclock it up to 8GHz.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Released 2.1. It’s a competitor to Nvidia’s DLSS, i.e. upgrading from a lower resolution to a higher resolution using AI elements. The new version of AMD corrects the shortcomings, the picture should be clearer.

Google canceled half of the projects within the 120 . indoor incubator area. You should mainly focus on projects related to AI. Google also announced that the company needs to increase efficiency by 20 percent.

Patreon to lay off 17 percent of the workforce, about 80 people. Offices in Berlin and Dublin will be closed. The company details the reasons on its blog. Patreon raised $155 million last year and was valued at $4 billion.

Google completed its $5.4 billion acquisition of Mandiant. The company will fall under the Google Cloud division, which with this move wants to rely more on cybersecurity.

Oracle made HeatWave available as part of Amazon Web Services. It is an analysis tool for MySQL. It’s another case of Oracle not shutting things down just because Oracle Cloud isn’t widespread.


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