The café owner wants a menstruating woman to wear a red label. “They’re under pressure,” says a woman. cz

He is said to have come up with this idea due to problems with female employees who, according to him, are under “emotional and hormonal stress”. There was supposed to be a conflict between two female staff members that escalated in front of clients.

Anthony concluded from the incident that both of his employees were menstruating, which was the reason for their quarrel. “Especially for men, it’s very hard to understand that someone is going through a hard time. That’s why I thought it best to give them a red label, so everyone knows they need more space and understanding,” said the owner of the cafe presented his idea on the morning radio broadcast. Then he explained to the surprised presenter that this is something similar to driving when school vehicles are marked with the letter L.

The broadcast received a huge response, with a number of listeners telling Anthony via social networks that he is behaving very strongly against misogyny and misogyny. “What if every employer who comes up with a discriminatory idea gets a red sticker and gets fired for the third time, just like in sports?” Add the magazine to the thread LadBible.

British Research From 2019 a sample of 2,000 women showed that workplace discrimination related to menstruation is relatively common. And it doesn’t just have to be the period when a woman actually menstruates. Some in the research have mentioned that when colleagues don’t like their behavior, they hear the sarcastic remark that they should have “days off”.

Because of the menstrual cycle, women are excluded from some professions to this day, for example, it seems that there are only three sushi chefs in all of Tokyo, because some Japanese still he thinksThat a woman’s hand is too warm to prepare this dish and that menstruation affects its taste.

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