The Czechs celebrate historical progress. Finnish hockey players have defeated and will play for medals for the first time | Currently

Czech women ice hockey players beat Finland 2:1 in overtime in the World Championships quarter-finals and celebrate their historic promotion to medal fights.

And Anita Tegralova won the match, which was held in Frederikshavn, Denmark, with a time of 60:41. In the semi-finals on Saturday, the Czechs will face the United States team.

Canadian coach Carly McLeod’s side beat the Finns in the first event for the first time in their history, and avenged their defeat in the two previous world championships.

Next to Tejralová, Daniela Pejšová made her mark as a goalkeeper, and goalkeeper Klára Peslarová put in an excellent performance.

The Czechs entered the match actively and in the third minute Šapovalivová managed to open the scoring. But the Finns defended themselves even during the next first weakness. In the 9th minute, Neubaurova threatened to break, but goalkeeper Kisalova saved her attempt with her shoulder.

Peslarová had the same number of saves as her first-period teammate and also caught reliably.

In the second half, the Czech Republic did not benefit from another numerical advantage, but it was eventually rewarded for its activity in the 37th minute, when defender Bischova opened the scoring after a shot blocked by Captain Mills and netted her fourth goal in the net. Competition.

The Northerners were on the verge of equalizing in the 40th minute, when Mlýnková was sent off, and Savolainenová hit the crossbar. Beslarova’s excellent grip kept her teammates in constant advantage at the start of Part III.

The Finns continued to score more in the game and in the 49th minute they managed to equalize when they overtook Tolusova. One minute later, Peslarová eliminated Nieminenová’s next opportunity. Despite excelling in shooting, the Finn favorites were unable to determine the match in regular time.

Tejralová finished off overtime quickly, taking advantage of a foul by Finnish captain Hiirikoski and beating Keisala with a shot at the near post. The Czechs, who have lost to Finland three times in the World Cup quarter-finals, are celebrating their first advance to the semi-finals.

The opponents of the Czech national team in the semi-finals on Saturday will be the selection of the United States, with whom they played in the quarter-finals at the Beijing Olympics last February, losing 1: 4.

Women’s Ice Hockey World Championships in Denmark – Quarter-finals (Friedrichshavn):

Finland – Czechs 1:2 in overtime (0:0, 0:1, 1:0 – 0:1)

Goals and assists making: 49. Tolosova (Holobininova, Rantalova) – 37. Bischova (Mills), 61. Tikhralova. Referees: Hansonova (USA), Nereova – Chartrandova (both were), Dinantova (Belgium). Exception: 3: 3. No use. Audience: 326.

Czech team: Peslarová – Lásková, Pejšová, Horálková, Tejralová, Radová, Trnková – Mlýnková, Mrázová, Šapovalivá – Pejzlová, Hymlárová, Křížová – Neubauerová, Mibylovská. Coach: Carla McLeod.


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