The European Commission wants to strengthen media independence. Jourová has released a package of rules.

The European Commission wants to improve conditions for independent work and multiple media for journalists in European Union Member States. Vera Youlova, deputy chairman of the Union Executive, has announced new rules aimed at limiting the influence of state authorities over the public media, ensuring transparency of media ownership and preventing surveillance of journalists’ communications. presented a proposal. .

In recent years, Brussels has criticized restrictions on pluralism media In Hungary, he has expressed concern about the independence of Polish public television. But according to Reporters Without Borders, conditions for free work for journalists have deteriorated in recent years in Greece, Slovenia, Italy and the Netherlands.

“It’s time to act. We must establish clear principles. We must not monitor the work of journalists, and no public media should become a channel for propaganda.” ‘” she said on Friday. You donkeyA longtime EU executive responsible for the protection of the rule of law and media independence.

In a regulation called the Media Freedom Act, the commission proposes binding rules. This will force Member State authorities to respect the independence of the work of television, radio, press and internet media. On the other hand, we need to ensure clear and public information about the ultimate owner so as not to influence the content.

Brussels will also ensure that member states allow “appropriate and stable” funding of public media, as well as transparent and open choice of its administrators, through a series of new rules. State-run advertising in the media needs to be better managed so that it cannot be abused to support government-selected media. The new code also aims to prevent the use of surveillance technology against journalists.

In order for a standard to become effective in practice, it must be endorsed by Member States and the European Parliament. The current Czech presidency should start negotiating an agreement on a common position for her EU countries during the autumn.


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