The Finnish Minister of Defense goes on parental leave. Children will not be young forever, says | a woman. cz

The Finnish politician will have two months of parental leave from January 6 to the end of February. Kaikkonen, 48, who had a second child in July, said on Twitter: “Children will not be young forever, nor would I like to remember them in the future only through pictures.” He writes a diary about her Watchman.

The Finnish Center Party, to which the defense minister belongs, supported his decision. “Every father should be given the opportunity to spend time with his children,” said Anika Sarikova, chairwoman of the ruling party and finance minister. In his absence, Kakkunen will be represented by fellow party member Mikko Savola. Kaikkonen emphasized that he “has many years of experience in security policy.”

Next year, the Scandinavian country will go through the approval process to join NATO. Like neighboring Sweden, Finland applied for NATO membership in May over fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. So far, all member states have expressed support for it, with the exception of Hungary and Turkey.

Parents whose child was born before September of this year are entitled to 54 days of parental leave in Finland. According to the government, up to 80 percent of them use this option. However, there are still a few of them among politicians, and Kaikkonen is the first man ever to retire to the house during his time in government.

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