The former head of RTVS, Jaroslav Reznik, has been appointed to Czech Radio –

Jaroslav ReznikAuthor: RTVS

Czech radio has hired Jaroslav Reznik, the former general manager of Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS). Took over as a professional worker in September.

“The scope of his work will include the creation of documents, data and analyzes that the Czech Radio Administration will be able to use in the field of strategic development as a public service media,” he told the portal. Czech Radio Communications Director Jiri Hochna.

Rezník proposes opportunities for the development of Czech radio in the field of various content formats in the media market. It is also supposed to analyze the opportunities and risks of public service media in relation to the media market in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and within the four Visegrad countries, i.e. the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Jaroslav Reznik led RTVS until the end of July this year.


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