The hidden “truth” of the ancient apocalypse? Netflix is ​​under fire for the documentary | Currently

“The ancient apocalypse certainly happened, but not in the way the creator of the Netflix series imagines. Even if he tries very hard to convince us of it,” says film critic Šárka Gmiterková about the new documentary on the streaming platform.

Watch the video review of the “Old End of the World” documentary series. | Video: Charka Jmityrkova, Blahoslav Bata

In a series called “Ancient Apocalypse,” author Graham Hancock tries to convince viewers that a number of known relics are much older than science has claimed so far. They all point to a highly developed global civilization according to Hancock, which has disappeared as a result of a series of natural disasters.

“Even the wildest theory is worth pondering and not immediately discarding. But Graham Hancock holds such friendliness to us, that at the same time he sets himself sharply against scientific fields that deal with ancient cultures—his attacks are chiefly directed against archeology.” Gmiterková claims.

According to her, in each episode, the author more or less stylizes himself as an unacknowledged genius, whom the scientific authorities refuse to listen to, because if they did, their results would be bizarre, and they would thus lose their jobs.


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