The inspection prohibited the sale of magnetic kits. Balls can hurt the digestive tract |

Czech trade inspections have banned the sale of the Neocube magnetic kit, which consists of three millimeter balls arranged in a cube shape. In toys, the value of the magnetic flux index exceeds several times, which can be dangerous for children. The seller must remove the product from the market. Inspectors reported this in Wednesday’s press release.

According to the Czech Trade Inspection, this product does not meet the safety requirements for magnetic toys. If a child swallows a large amount of magnetic balls, it can damage the digestive tract.

“During the movement of these parts in the gastrointestinal tract, connections occur through the intestinal wall, which can lead to intestinal obstruction and even necrosis at the connection point over an extended period of time. Children who inhale magnetic balls can also have respiratory problems,” says the Czech Trade Inspection Agency.

The magnet kit parts are arranged in a cube of 216 balls. The product is sold in a lidded tin box with a transparent window. There are two paper labels on the bottom of the box, the larger label has a warning in Polish.


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