The intelligence chief lied. He worked with a former colleague at a company who was convicted of corruption.

Intelligence chief Petr Mleinek resigned Wednesday after 54 days. This came after a series of media investigations that drew attention to his contacts with accused or convicted people. I was working directly with a former colleague of the company I received. Initially, he denied any contact with them.

It was May 26th. He had six days left before the Petr Fiala government (ODS) appointed Petr Mlejnek as director of the Foreign Relations Intelligence Service. At the time Aktuálně.cz noted that Mlejnek was last working for his Techniserv company, three of whose representatives he had been sentenced for corruption. At the time, Mlejnek was the company’s director of strategic development and economics.

“Of course I didn’t know that. The person in question wasn’t even one of my subordinates. TechniServ had several divisions, one of which I managed. They I was from a different department, and I had nothing to do with them.When asked by Aktuálně.cz, Mlejnek asked if he suspected his colleagues of criminal activity.

However, it is revealed that Mlejnek lied. Not only did he personally know at least two of his three convicted colleagues, but he worked directly with them. He even negotiated with them about the order they wanted to operate.It follows from the documents on the mentioned criminal case to which they noted Message list.

“Do you agree not to get involved?”

The meeting was held on April 11, 2016. Petr Mlejnek and his four colleagues held a meeting in his one of his Techniserv offices in Vrsovice, Prague. Among them were Michael Hrbata and Tomáš Dostál, who received final judgments for bribery in February of this year. They fined him 432,000 crowns and he 360,000 crowns. All discussed his strategy to win one of the chosen jobs.

“There’s an agreement, there’s an agreement, there’s an agreement about that. Don’t let him get caught up in it,” Mlejnek said, according to wiretapping. He had in mind agreements with competitors not to participate in public tenders in order to increase Techniserv’s chances of controlling the tender. “With Jež…he talked about those lights,” he added Mlejnek. He was referring to Daniel Jez, director of Gating, who wanted to pursue a deal.

But Dostal explained to Murayink that he didn’t need to convince his rivals to withdraw from their contracts. He was ready to intervene directly in the bidding documents. “novel (Shmidha, the third manager to be convicted of corruption, said: Hen.) are ready there. So it makes no sense to negotiate for one side (the supplier). But Roman found it through a lighting manufacturer,” he says Dostál.

Most secret secret service

The Diplomatic Intelligence Service pays for the country’s most closed Secret Service. It is the only institution that does not publish an annual report on its activities. Its task is to collect strategic intelligence of a security, political and economic nature for the purpose of protecting the interests of the Czech Republic, and it can only operate abroad. The government is responsible for intelligence activities, with the Minister of the Interior exercising that authority.

Between 2015 and 2017, a total of three competitions were operated for construction contracts for the network infrastructure of the Czech Trade Inspections and the Ministry of Regional Development. Thanks to a bribe, I made that month’s procurement document available to my colleagues before it was published.

Convicted colleague and Alexandre Bondola

It is not clear why Mlejnek Aktuálně.cz lied about contacting convicted colleagues. Editors have repeatedly tried to contact him. But he didn’t answer the phone and didn’t respond to the SMS.Previously on the Wednesday morning server 54 days after taking office, he confirmed that he would resign as Director of Intelligence.

Headquarters of the Diplomatic Intelligence Service in Kobilisi, Prague.

Headquarters of the Diplomatic Intelligence Service in Kobilisi, Prague. | | Photo: CTK

One of his convicted colleagues, Michael Hrbata, was a member of the ODS from 2006 to 2010 and was a major force in the Milekto Polanek government for most of this period. After serving as a Member of Parliament, Alexander he served as Deputy Minister of Defense (ODS) Vondra for three years.

Mlejnek may have already met Hrbata. Minister Vondra offered Muleinek if he would like to become one of the deputies in the Military Intelligence Service, where Muleinek worked before joining the civilian sector. It came to nothing after the arrest of the then military leader in the Nagyová incident.

Retired after 54 days in office

“Petr Mleinek had all the prerequisites to successfully fulfill the function of a director. He has proven it in his work over the last month and a half. “I understand that the pressure on his family and on the service itself was tremendous. The Director has determined that he cannot work in this atmosphere in order to effectively lead the Diplomatic Intelligence Service.” Intelligence Service Home Affairs Minister Vit Rakshan (STAN) said.

“I am grateful to Mr. Mulejenko for his position. His resignation has been accepted by the government. The choice will be made very quickly,” he told Prime Minister Fiala on Wednesday.

After Aktuálně.cz learned of Mlejnkov’s involvement in Techniserv and its administrator’s involvement in corruption Message list Earlier in August, it noted that Mlejnek had repeatedly struck deals with lobbyist Michal Redl. Today he is one of his two central figures in the dosimeter case involving corruption in a Prague transport company.

Aktuálně.cz then revealedMlejnek is personally acquainted with former police officer Luďek Vokál, who was legally convicted of corruption and leaking information from the police. Also pointed out by Aktuálně.cz About Mlejnka’s wife’s involvement in the field of protection against eavesdropping, Vokál’s business. She is an elementary school English teacher, but she is a quarter co-owner of the company in question.


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