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In 2013, a game was released that brought the now famous duo of Joel and Ellie. Two desperate people live in the time of a global pandemic that is killing humanity, leaving little for each other. Studio Naughty Dog has now introduced a remake of The Last of Us Part I, which tweaks graphics, console vibrations, and detail on the gray walls of demolished homes.

Action-adventure game with elements of survival The Last of Us has already received a new coat of arms in the form of a remaster, which is still somewhat playable, moreover, at a very low price. Therefore, the remake is clearly intended for those who for some reason missed the title for almost ten years, or who loved the story of Joel and Ellie so much that they wouldn’t mind paying for it again.

You can tell from the first shots that the game now looks like new. In the comparison below, you can see a snapshot of the 2014 modified version and a snapshot of roughly the same location from the current version. Shows significant advances in rendering ambient light sources and shadows. Previously, it looked more “two-dimensional” and the light was as if dyed, unnatural. The lamp, on the other hand, now evokes an almost cinematic light that spreads across the room and illuminates the plastic shape of the crinkled blanket on the bed.

Still from a remake.

Still from a remake. | Photo: Sony

Screenshot from the same position from the 2014 remaster.

Screenshot from the same position from the 2014 remaster. | Photo: Sony

The colors are also softer overall and not as vibrant as before. It helps with navigation, mood in sometimes frustrating environments, and the natural look of natural sites.

In addition, details such as signs with “cafe” were added to the walls of the houses, which can be seen again in the comparison below. On the right, there was a wall devoid of greenery, which was easy to create using technologies on older generation consoles. However, with the arrival of PlayStation 5, developers can take on more.

Screenshot of a remake.  Note the cafe sign.

Screenshot of a remake. Note the cafe sign. | Photo: Sony

The same place, but in the 2014 restyled version.

The same place but in the modified version of 2014. | Photo: Sony

Personally, I preferred the 60fps version with dynamic resolution (the so-called performance mode), but the game also offers steady 4K resolution, albeit with fewer frames.

The change in graphics can also be seen on the faces of the main or supporting characters. A good example of this is Tess in the beginning, a tough woman who deals with local crooks – and is not afraid of them. Before, she used to look “smooth,” but now she has wrinkles and is kind of experienced.

So is Ellie, a fourteen-year-old girl traveling across the United States with an older Joel, while they form an almost patriarchal bond. Sometimes they run away, sometimes they fight either with injured people or “only” savages, who often lose that humanity in themselves.

Before, Ellie looked very young, almost childish. Now she has a slightly larger face, closer to Ellie than from the second part of The Last of Us. A significant difference can lead to the disqualification of some players. Gravity is just gone.

The Last of Us Part I – Trailer with Czech subtitles | Video: Playstation Czech Republic

Full use of the console

But the appearance of the game is not the only one, the menu or perhaps the inventory can also boast some modifications. The new version also loads a little faster, even if you unlock the older version of the title relatively quickly on PlayStation 5. The set of difficulties is now much richer, and the list of prizes has also been expanded.

It’s also easier to deal with vibrations, which is made possible thanks to the DualSense controller. A passing car, swimming through sewers, or running over obstacles is trying to give the impression that the player is really there. The vibrations can gradually fade in and out and intelligently focus on the hero you are currently in control of.

The DualSense’s haptic response makes shooting a bow truly “thrust”. However, a minor drawback is the fact that when cleaning the weapon, the console seems to “click” and interfere mainly with the quietest and most exciting passages.

Ellie and Joel in the first part of The Last of Us.

Ellie and Joel in the first part of The Last of Us | Photo: Sony

At the same time, it must be added that the new version does not bring many changes to the gameplay. Both stealth and combat are the same thing as before. For example, heroes don’t just crawl and bend. Enemies behave similarly, perhaps sometimes going in different directions. Sometimes he tries to surround your personality, but as a result, he never causes a difficult situation to get out of it.

Sidekicks still sometimes run away from the main character and get in the way of an angry clicker (which in one case caused my death for some reason). The graphics are nice and better than some completely new games, but some of the controls, such as the escalators, are outdated.

The game also includes the excellent Left Behind DLC. What the new version left, on the other hand, is the old multiplayer.

Tricks in the depths of the place

The big chapter is the accessibility of the game for people with health restrictions. The second part, The Last of Us Part II, released in June 2020, won awards in recognition of its adaptation for players who are deaf, blind or have motor difficulties. The same goes for remaking the first part.

As can be seen from the attached screenshots, the list is diverse. For example, it allows you to turn dialogues into vibrato, so that the player holding the console can see if Joel’s font, which appears in the form of subtitles on the screen, was pronounced softly or, on the contrary, loud and emotional. Those with hearing problems will also appreciate the graphic display of enemy attacks, which can unexpectedly stand right behind the protagonist and beat him to death without being in view.

The increase in contrasts makes The Last of Us playable even for those who haven't been able to play it before.

Contrast enhancement makes The Last of Us playable even for those who haven’t been able to play it before. | Photo: Sony

Another upgrade highlights characters or objects that can be picked up from the ground in bright colors. For players who are blind, it is also useful to have a setting that allows you to hear a soft sound, some kind of twitching, when the hero approaches an important object, a closed door, or perhaps a low ceiling that requires bending over. Designers also thought about color-blind triggers or those who have problems pressing the buttons on the console – you can switch between pressing the button and turning it on / off.

You can also adjust it to prevent Jewel from drowning in the water if you are uncomfortable with such shots. Or you can turn off “ringing” when something is going off nearby. The customization menu is extensive and provides an enjoyable game even for those who simply won’t visit the depths of the settings.

Do you mind being surrounded by enemies when they find a wounded companion? It can be turned off. Are you afraid of falling off a cliff because you don’t have an appreciation for distances? The so-called edge monitor can be activated. Tired of constantly pressing buttons to collect ammo? You can turn on automatic grouping of everything nearby. Do you get easily lost in space? There is a navigation assistant for you, an optional arrow showing the direction of travel.

The remake of The Last of Us has also succeeded in this – it allows people who have not had the opportunity to play the much-acclaimed game for years. But its tweaks and improvements may not be enough for someone who pays more than two thousand for it in the digital version.

The Last of Us Part I was released on PlayStation 5 on Friday, September 2, and the game includes Czech language subtitles. It will also be released in the PC version later.


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