“The meat is very high quality, I will go to McDonald’s.” Forget Restaurant is currently the target of ridicule

Chef Přemek Forejt filmed a commercial for fast food chain McDonald’s where he sings, dances and plays ingredients. Although the clip already has a million views on YouTube, people are criticizing the MasterChef cooking contest judge and writing a negative comment about his restaurant in Olomouc.

He used to be a good cook, but he committed the most heinous sin of filming an advertisement for a fast-food chain. Thus, the issue surrounding Chef Přemek Forejt’s new advertisement for the multinational McDonald’s chain can be summed up in one sentence with a reference to the popular series from the 1990s.

At the end of this year, McDonald’s and Forget established a three-year cooperation, during which the popular judgment of the MasterChef competition and the president of the famous Entrée company in Olomouc will raise the awareness of the quality of the fast food chain.

As part of this collaboration, Forget filmed a video last week titled Mc’n’Roll, dancing, singing and singing about raw materials. During that time, the two-minute clip has already received more than a million views, but it does not even have six thousand positive reviews.

Criticisms and misunderstandings are expressed by the people under the video and also very strangely on Google Maps, where they rated the famous Forjt restaurant Entrée with only one star out of five possible and wrote sarcastic sentences about it in the review: “Best chef advice, go to Mekáč”. “High quality meat, I’d rather go to McDonald’s next time.” “I miss being able to deliver in the driving window.”

While some don’t fully understand how a celebrity chef can promote fast food, others stand by his side saying it’s his personal business and are enjoying the whole campaign. “I don’t agree that harm should be done to a restaurant that has absolutely nothing to do with it. It seems to me that intentionally harming a company and creating essentially deceptive content is completely reckless. Přemek harms himself as much as possible with his output, and I don’t think society should harm him like that,” he wrote one of the speakers.

The response to the campaign is remarkable, which is also evidenced by the various reactions and memes on TikTok created in the title Forget. For example, Entertainer and YouTuber Martin Mikyska filmed the parody in collaboration with Pageteria Boulevard.

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