The number of coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic has stagnated, rising by 1,624 on Thursday



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On Thursday, the Czech Republic added 1,624 cases of coronavirus, adding 17 more than a week ago. The number of infected people per day has increased slightly for five consecutive days. A similar trend was seen for suspected reinfections, with the number increasing from 645 for him to 9 in a week. Covid-19 cases in hospitals fell by a fifth to 703, he said, compared to the previous week. The proportion of patients in serious condition is also low.

The fall wave of the coronavirus epidemic has begun as people and children return to school from the last two years of vacation. According to Minister Vlastimil Válk (TOP 09), this year the Ministry of Health expects the next wave to be later than last year and later than the year before, and he will probably reach in November. Therefore, the Ministry has not yet prepared measures against the spread of the disease and recommends wearing respirators or masks in dangerous places such as medical and social welfare facilities. Encouraging sick people to get a second booster shot against covid-19.

The number of daily new cases of coronavirus increased slightly in weekly comparisons from Sunday and fell for a 10th straight day through Saturday. and dozens were infected on Wednesday. Since at least mid-July, 703 people have been hospitalized with covid-19, 23 in critical condition, almost half the number from a week ago.

About 6,700 people tested for coronavirus on Thursday, compared with more than 7,000 a week ago.The percentage of positive results has changed slightly in week-to-week comparisons.For preventive testing, more than 5% of samples are positive. and 31% of the most common diagnostic tests in people with symptoms of the disease. Epidemiological tests conducted after contact with an infected person tested positive for 19% of the cases.

The incidence rate, which indicates the number of new coronavirus infections per 100,000 people over the past seven days, has remained at 102 for three consecutive days, up from 103 a week ago. Hradec Kralove had 115 cases and Karlovy Vary had the lowest with 85 cases per 100,000 population per week.

During the outbreak in the Czech Republic since the beginning of March 2020, tests have revealed more than 4.04 million coronavirus cases. Not including the total number of suspected re-infections has exceeded 308,300, and so far 40,839 people have died from covid-19 in the Czech Republic. In the past seven days, 49 people have died, a week ago he was 66. The Ministry of Health recorded 10,950 confirmed infections in the past week, compared with 10,989 in the last seven days. Did.

In the Czech Republic, approximately 6.89 million people were fully vaccinated against covid-19. About 4.3 million people received the first booster and about 167,600 received his second booster.Thursday, 6,149 people were vaccinated, about 1,400 fewer than a week ago. rice field. Interest in vaccines was lower on nearly every day last week than he was a week ago, especially with people coming for his second booster dose.

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