The opposition wants to express its distrust of the government: September 1:

The request to hold the meeting was signed by 74 deputies, including 56 deputies from the ANO and 18 from the Social Democratic Party. Given the majority in the parliamentary coalition, an attempt to express confidence in the government is likely to be unsuccessful.

The reason for the opposition’s move is the issue surrounding the contacts of the new Director of Civil Intelligence, Peter Melchenko, with businessman Michel Riedel, accused in the Prague-Dusymeter corruption case, and the complex economic situation that the opposition says the government is not. Solution.

According to the bylaws, a motion of no-confidence against the government must be signed by at least 50 deputies. Then invite the head of the room for a meeting immediately.

For the Cabinet to fall, a vote of no-confidence must be passed by a majority of all members of Parliament, i.e. at least 101. The opposition ANO and SPD have a total of 92 votes. The government camp consisting of ODS, STAN, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09 and Pirates received 108 votes.

Of the 16 attempts to express distrust of the government so far, only one was successful in March 2009. During the vote on the government of Mirko Topolanek during the Czech presidency of the European Union, four deputies from the coalition joined the opposition, so it obtained a necessary 101 out of 197 votes . In the last election period, the minority government headed by André Papis (ANO) resisted three votes of no-confidence.

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