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Football Slovan Bratislava saved himself in the European Conference League thanks to an incredible goal in the last minute of extra time. And in the penalty shootout, he then moved to the group stage of the competition. Coach Vladimir Weiss Sr. said: “We have made the impossible possible. I don’t like to talk about luck, football is not about luck, but sometimes you need a little.”

Preparation for the extended match between Slovan Bratislava and Zrinjski Mostar was already underway, which was supposed to decide which of the teams would advance to the main stage of the European Conference League.

The 1-1 result suited the Balkans perfectly, who were already aiming for promotion thanks to their 1-0 win at home last week. But in the last desperate attack, after several headers, the ball ended up on Eric Ramirez, who decided to bet everything on one card. scissors.

The perilous finish worked, with the Venezuelan striker hitting the post with perfection and sending the match to a penalty shootout. “I grabbed my head and couldn’t believe the goal he scored,” laughed Alexander Sávrich, who passed the ball to Ramirez.

Slovan then won a dramatic 6:5 penalty shootout, and great euphoria erupted on the field and in the audience. Coach Weiss even walked around the field excitedly, waving to the spectators.

“I think I only ran around the stadium like this once in my life. And that was after Italy (Qualification for the Round of 16 of the 2010 World Cup). “It was touching today, I saw a lot of happy people,” said coach Weiss.

The experienced coach stated at the post-match press conference that if Slovan was not promoted, he would very likely say goodbye to the club. But in this way he can look forward to the fall battles in the European Cup.

Among other things, he can compete with Slavia or Slovako in it, where he will be ranked in the second basket. The draw will take place today from 14:30.

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