The Prime Minister will have his regular program on CNN Prima News –

Peter Fiala and Teresa TumankovaBy CNN Prima News

Starting September 7, CNN Prima News will be providing regular interviews with Prime Minister Petr Fiala of ODS every first Wednesday of the month. Presenters Terezie Tománková and Petr Suchoň will discuss the current situation and people’s problems with the Prime Minister on “What’s Up Prime Minister”.

The station will broadcast live for half an hour for the first time next Wednesday at 21:00.

“We are living in a very difficult time, and it is a psychologically stressful time for many people. People are afraid of war and of rapid developments in the energy market. It is therefore important for the public to be well informed and to avoid the unnecessary spread of misinformation. People will learn directly from the Prime Minister what What the government has done in recent days and what it is planning to do.Editor-in-chief Pavel Utronic says: “I am glad that we can bring these interviews with Peter Fiala to the public.”

According to the press release, the Prime Minister will have the opportunity to comment on topics that have no room in the open government press conferences.

Last week, CNN Prima News had an above-average audience share of 2.27%. The first hour of Theresia Tumankova’s party on Sunday, August 28, also had an above-average share of 23.64% on Prima and CNN Prima News. Almost a quarter of all TV viewers watched this talk show, with 12.36% on the news channel.


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