The Queen’s Wake Begins and Her Offspring, including Princess Anne, Continue the Wake at the Coffin |

All four descendants of the late Queen Elizabeth II of England. Lined to the side of her coffin in Westminster Hall in the British Parliament, it marked the beginning of a vigil in honor of the Queen’s memory. Princess Anne was the first woman in British history to participate in this tradition. , formerly reserved for the male descendants of the monarch.

A descendant of the late Queen Elizabeth. I've been up all night guarding her coffin.

A descendant of the late Queen Elizabeth. I’ve been up all night guarding her coffin. | | Photo: Reuters

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9:36 p.m.

Access to the queue to the Houses of Parliament in central London, visited to pay tribute to the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, was cut off again hours later. The government is asking mourners not to queue today.It will reopen on Saturday at noon (13:00 CET). People are now waiting in line for about 22 hours.


All four descendants of the late Queen Elizabeth II of England, including Charles III, stand by her coffin. A vigil began in Westminster Hall in the British Parliament to honor the Queen’s memory. Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward descended the stone steps into the hall in their ceremonial uniforms. The first woman to participate in the tradition.The brothers remained in the coffin for about ten minutes and left again. The ceremony was broadcast live by Sky News.


There were also some incidents while waiting. Police have arrested a 19-year-old man for undressing and sexually harassing two women in line. He tried to escape police by jumping into the Thames, but was arrested when he swam away, Sky News reported. 435 people needed medical attention and 42 mourners were taken to hospital in the previous two days, according to data from the London Ambulance Service, the DPA wrote.

6:36 p.m.

People can again line up for the Houses of Parliament in central Londonso that he could bow to the coffin with the late Queen Elizabeth II of England. People line up for about 24 hours and expect very cold temperatures at night. This was announced by the UK government this evening, suspending access in the morning because lines were too long.

4:47 pm

Next Monday, Britain will hold the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II for the first time since Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s funeral. Before that happens, the public can say goodbye to the monarch who passed away last Thursday. Thousands of people have been waiting for hours, with queues reaching 16 kilometers on Friday. You can see more in the photo gallery.

4:17 pm

Former footballer David Beckham also wants to visit Queen Elizabeth’s coffin in Westminster Hall. People have been waiting in long lines for 12 hours, writes the BBC.

4:12 p.m.

Lines to see the Queen’s coffin have resumed, the BBC reports. Soon other mourners began to flood her.


Charles III arrived today at our headquarters in Cardiff, Wales. But there he was met by opponents of the British monarchy. Protesters held up banners reading “not my king”, “not a citizen, not a subject” and “pay inheritance tax”. Police have already publicly protested the monarchy this week. arrested several people.

Anti-monarchist protests in Cardiff.

Anti-monarchist protests in Cardiff. | | Photo: Reuters


State funeral of Elizabeth II. It takes place on Monday, September 19th at 11:00 local time at Westminster Abbey in London. (12:00 CEST). According to a precise schedule, the ceremony itself is preceded by a series of formalities, including the transfer of the coffin with the Queen. The ceremony will be followed by a two-minute silence, a funeral procession and the burial of the coffin in the Windsor Castle grave.


Monday Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England. It will be the largest security operation in the history of the London police. Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Stuart Cundy said: London Police will deploy its largest ever number of police officers to the streets of the British capital, launching its largest ever policing operation against heads of state and government.


Dear readers, welcome to the new online broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. and the accession of Charles III. to the throne.You can find all the old information here.

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