The Scottish government has announced a rent freeze until the end of winter.He wants to help people in times of energy crisis

The Scottish government, which is struggling with its own budget, feared that people would not have enough money to pay their electricity bills next winter, came up with an alternative solution.Nicola Starr, current Prime Minister of Scotland John announced on Wednesday government program Focusing mainly on rising prices, it announced a rent freeze until the end of March of the following year. It also imposed a moratorium (i.e. postponement) on the eviction of tenants unable to pay rent increases and rising energy prices. “The Scottish government doesn’t have the resources to keep energy prices from rising. But at least we can keep rents from going up.” she said In sturgeon speech.

This critical law affects both the private and public sectors. The purpose is to prevent people from losing their homes during the winter. There are also plans to freeze fares across Scotland. From November, the allowance will also increase to £25 (approximately 700 crowns) per child per week.

The law is the result of a long-running struggle by the Scottish movement over tenant rights. ‘The rent freeze and moratorium are a big step in the right direction by the Scottish government,’ says Scottish Tenants’ Union spokesman rent Meg Bishop. “We very much welcome the move, but we know rents are already too high. Scottish cities have increased by up to 60% over the past decade. It’s a great response, but it needs to be maintained until the Scottish government comes up with a suitable means of controlling rents and lowering them,” added Meg Bishop.

should be adopted next year new lawHousing availability should be improved, tenant rights increased, and short-term rental regulations introduced.Also scheduled Additional support Families who want to save tax.

At the same time, Sturgeon urged Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss and other ministers to urgently discuss other measures at the Kingdom-wide level, with a view to strengthening them, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a safety net for people struggling to pay their bills. ”

Scottish Landlords Association CEO John Blackwood He said: “Since rumors of this announcement began circulating this morning, we have been inundated with reports of property owners pulling vacant homes off the market. And I don’t blame them.” attacking real estate owners in


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