The Slovak rapper was sentenced to seven years in prison. He’s currently transporting marijuana and cocaine by train

Juraj Saba, better known by his stage name Carlo, was sentenced to seven years in prison for drug smuggling in a Slovak court on Wednesday. The Public Prosecutor appealed the ruling, considering that the estimated rate was insufficient.

Police arrested a young man on the train in Cote, en route from Prague to Bratislava. In the bag he had to show, he was carrying 1.5kg of marijuana and 150g of cocaine. The police immediately arrested the rapper and detained him.

The musician was originally threatened with 15 years in prison, but he confessed to the crime and showed remorse in court. Finally, the judge gave him a seven-year suspended prison sentence on Wednesday, September 14, saying he had no criminal record, the site wrote. Novinki.

But the attorney general appealed the court’s decision. “Especially in view of the scale of the crime and the reality of the so-called drug trade, and the size of the seized drugs, the punishment imposed was considered disproportionate, and the Public Prosecution Office submitted an appeal,” he said.

Rapper Karlo is part of the Milion+ music label, his colleagues are expressing huge support for him in their songs and demanding his release, one of the most popular Czech rappers, Yzomandias, even released a new mixtape with the subtitle #freekarlo version.


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