The increase in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus has accelerated for almost the past week, only on Saturday and Sunday the spread of infection slowed. This week, starting on Monday, the epidemic is accelerating again. The number of people who ended up in hospital with covid-19 has gradually decreased since the beginning of August. However, it rose on Saturday in a weekly comparison. More important than the total number of patients in hospitals, the number of seriously ill patients rose by about a quarter compared to the previous Saturday, to 32 people.

In recent days, the number of people tested for coronavirus has also increased. On Saturday, 1,482 PCR and 628 antigen tests were performed, nearly a tenth more than last week.

Although the number of people tested increased, the proportion of cases detected increased in the number of tests performed in the prevention and epidemiological category. As for the epidemiological indication, when people are tested for example due to contact with an infected person, the percentage of positives increased from 17.7 percent the previous Saturday to 19.37 percent. For preventive and comprehensive testing, the share rose from 7.1 to 10.26 percent. In the category of the most numerous – diagnostic tests, in which people with symptoms of the disease are tested, the percentage of positives remained the same as it was a week ago. Now it’s 27.15 percent, and the previous Saturday it reached 27.48 percent.

Hospital ward for patients with a severe course of the coronavirus.  Illustrative image

The coronavirus epidemic continues to accelerate. On Friday, more than 2,300 people were infected

The infection rate, that is, the number of new cases in the past seven days per 100,000 population, is also increasing. As of today, there have been 117 cases, which is up from Saturday and 15 more than a week ago. The infection number remains the highest in the Hradec Králové region with 143 cases and the lowest in the Karlovy Vary region with 97 cases.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in March 2020, nearly 4.06 million cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the Czech Republic. This number does not include cases in which a person has been repeatedly infected. – Suspected recurrence of infection, about 31 thousand. During the entire pandemic period, 40,906 people infected with covid-19 died. About 6.89 million people have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus in the Czech Republic. More than 4.3 million people received the first booster dose, and about 199,000 the second. On Saturday, 240 people were vaccinated, which is up from twenty more than a week ago.