While meteorologists still expect temperatures to reach around 20°C today, they will reach a maximum of 16°C by the end of the week. And on Friday, the highest daily temperatures drop to 14 to 18 degrees, on Saturday to 11 to 15 degrees, and on Sunday to just nine to 13 degrees. Only in southern Moravia, according to ČHMÚ, can the temperature rise to 16 degrees on Sunday. At night, temperatures can drop to five degrees during the weekend.

Thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain.  Illustrative image

Strong storms will pass over the Czech Republic. May be accompanied by heavy rain

The sky will likely be mostly cloudy during the weekend. Meteorologists expect cloudy weather for Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday only it may be partly cloudy in some places. On Saturday, showers will gradually appear, and on Sunday there will be occasional showers or rain in most parts of the Czech Republic. Mixed rain will also appear on the hills of the mountains on Sunday.

It will heat up again early next week after a cooler weekend. Temperatures will range between 10 and 14 degrees across the Czech Republic on Monday and will rise from 11 to 16 degrees from Tuesday. However, it will remain cloudy with showers.