Theft in style. Mercedes employees have improved themselves by selling engines.

Mercedes-Benz has faced major thefts over the past two years, with more than 100 complete engines and about 500 automatic transmissions disappearing from its central warehouse in Stuttgart. Police said the damage amounted to “millions of euros”.

German police had been investigating the case since February 2020 before gathering enough evidence against the perpetrators.How describe Two men, aged 52 and 57, have already been detained by criminal investigators in connection with the case, according to the newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung. These were employees of the automobile company that supplied his 36-year-old accomplice with finished engines and transmissions. However, after the case was resolved, he disappeared and the police are still looking for him.

Some of the loot could be found during the raid, but the trio were able to sell most of the stolen items. she confirmed Local radio station SWR said it was cooperating with authorities on the matter. However, she did not provide further details.

Thefts by Mercedes employees are fairly common in car companies, but the most recent case was out of scope and caused damage.

Last year, eight men confessed in court to robbing a large number of parts from a factory in Sindelfingen. Their loot consisted of headlights, electronic control units, and triangular stars on the hoods of Mercedes cars. Thieves robbed employers of hundreds of thousands of euros by exporting parts from factories that had long been hidden in cars.

Residents of Nenechakh have not avoided Skoda from Mladá Boleslav either. Three years ago the last big case was solved. At the time, the car company turned over the camera recordings to the police and was able to detain three employees based on them. In just one month he delivered 510 turbochargers, his eight engines and a transport pallet to Škoda. At the time, the car company was robbed of more than 20 million crowns from him.


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