There’s nothing worse than elite advice on how to save

“Open the newspaper, the pages are full. Instead of practical advice and instructions, turn the knob on the radio receiver: Save, save! Let’s get out of the habit of making snacks Oh my God Who are the people who interpret it for us How do they live What do they live in Thousands How come they don’t know that mothers of millions, mothers of hundreds of thousands, are scrupulously saving, crust by crust, apple by apple, spread by spread?” to the editor at the time. Even at the end of the First Republic, nothing was more annoying than an expert teaching you how to save money. It’s certainly an interesting intellectual game to put it on TV or write as an educational commentary. But research is neither a game nor an investment opportunity. It’s what you need and you don’t need to advise anyone. As Jesenská wrote, “Yes, the poor are saving because they have to.”

everyone’s little

Underlying the ideology of the market society is the belief that everyone is more or less responsible for their situation. And for the current government, this is the basic pillar of the social order. In theory, each of us could have as much money as Andrei Babis, or at least a professorship like Petr Fiara. Of course, not everyone can be that rich (and titles), and no one claims to be, but everyone has the chance to vie for their place under the sun, or at least until a certain age. We had. Some will be millionaires, some will be programmers, some will be nowhere. Sociological research finds that equality of opportunity is mostly fictitious, family background and wealth play an important role, making it increasingly difficult to dig yourself under the ground in the current Czech Republic. However, this does not prevent some economists, politicians and journalists from producing many articles on financial literacy. Generous rich people say someone should teach them. Ungenerous people say it’s their problem. Anyway, it’s about the art of management. If they can do that, they will be like the middle class, putting their money aside, investing wisely, etc. Poverty in capitalism must be the responsibility of the poor themselves. Otherwise the system will be unfair and the privileged class must realize that it is not all about their diligence but mostly about the art of being born, inherited and received. I don’t think so. .

Some economists really get it all except that people usually go to work after breakfast.

“We all get a little poorer,” things change. Even if it’s just a glimpse in the end. Fial’s “slight destitution” creates the illusion that one society will become impoverished as a whole and that the impact will be roughly the same for everyone, but the specific policies of governments differ. They are willing to handle difficult situations on their own, and at best offer some advice on where to apply for benefits and how to save. Each of us must learn how to get along. But how much financial literacy does it take to manage 10 grands of gas? To create the illusion that poor people are to blame for unhappiness. Some problems cannot be solved individually. And since Lukasz Kovanda has already given advice on how to save money today, “They (that is, the poor, editor’s note) should go to the store after breakfast, because they are hungry. When shopping in the evening makes me tired, I tend to make impulsive purchases that I don’t need, such as sweets, and I end up buying more alcohol. ‘, the experienced economist told his Life in the Czech Republic website. Some economists really get it all except that people usually go to work after breakfast.

view from above

The advice from the rich to the poor on how to save money is never harmless. Behind them is not a concern about how to live without money, but rather that it is actually possible, or at least a counselor would be able to handle the situation given. It’s an effort to point out. That’s why I’m not bad at giving advice. Long before that she was the second highest constitutional official in 2016. Before becoming an ordinary member of parliament at the time, she lived five days on the bare minimum of living expenses. Five days! Naturally she (she being at the bottom of society can’t really be simulated for a few days) still had 80 crowns and a package of flour left in her. She concluded: “Confirmed what I suspected – you can live on that amount. And if possible, try not only to cut your spending, but especially to increase your income.” was still an era of economic growth, and the existential crisis affected a very small segment of society when viewed from today’s perspective. I was able to empathize with the feelings of poor workers towards non-professionals.

It can be said that the representatives of the Union are doing exactly what they have always done in times of crisis and, as they say, in times of war. They tell people what to do without having money and not knowing the situation. It’s as if they didn’t realize that this time, due to energy prices and inflation, there were suddenly more of these people than ever before. Middle-income people’s willingness to vote for parties that preach the mantra of personal responsibility fluctuates depending on how well they feel at the top or bottom of society. not. Governments should not be held responsible for something they cannot influence, but they should be held responsible for their inaction, their anti-social failure to resolve the situation, and their arrogant communication.

The government talks about war when it needs to escalate Babis. There is war when weapons are purchased, but there is no war when it comes to social cohesion. In that moment, everyone is responsible for everything. The most successful anti-government demonstrations to date are organized by fascists and disinformation providers who also want the United Nations to leave. As an example of threats to the future, this should suffice. Since 1989, there has been no such participation in demonstrations organized by the fascists of the Czech Republic. must be

The author is the editor of Alarm newspaper.


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