They don’t have to like it. It’s just a shock. Forejt, David, or Demo Are Winning With Ads, Marketers Say |

Chef Pshemek Foreit singing and playing McDonald’s fast food ingredients, rapper Kapitan Demo shopping at Lidl’s supermarket. This summer, established brands bet on innovative promotions. According to his marketing specialist Zdenek Hašek, it has benefited them. “For marketers, it’s getting harder and harder. They try to come up with communications in a ‘stand out or die’ mentality, but few do it very well,” he points out. increase.

He arrives by helicopter, walks down a shopping aisle with gold chains hanging, and ends up buying everything. Lidl collaborated with Jiří Burian aka Kapitán Demo to release an advertising clip to the world in his July as part of his campaign his week. The chain admits that it has also experienced negative reactions, but is pleased with the impact of the campaign.

“Our collaboration with Kapitán Dem certainly lived up to our expectations, through which we impressed our customers and provided them with a musical experience at the same time,” said Lidl spokesperson Tomáš Myler. . According to him, videos of his clips have gone viral and have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

About a month later, fast food chain McDonald’s came up with a similar format. He got chef Forejt, with whom he established a long-term collaboration some time ago, to sing and “act” in the clip. In this case, Forejt received a little more criticism on social networks – mainly due to the fact that he had nothing to do with fast food at all – and even in this case, the brand is happy with the spot, although according to , it’s too early to assess the initiative.

“Due to the non-traditional format chosen for the video clip, it is primarily targeted at a younger audience. Figures so far show that the act has resonated and generated a lot of discussion and emotion. This is what we wanted,” confirms McDonald’s communications director. Jitka Pajurková. According to her, the clip got her over one million views on YouTube in just eight days and is also well received on TikTok.

In an interview with Aktuálně.cz, marketing expert Zdeněk Hašek explains why promotions don’t have to have a positive effect even for established brands, a moment of surprise is enough.

To promote its branded discount week in July, the Lidl shopping chain has chosen Kapitán Demo, a well-known face of the Czech music scene. Do you think this was a positive move in the chain?

To me, it’s a commendable act of bravery. Lidl is not afraid to differentiate and try new things. Paradoxically, I don’t think Captain Demo will only appeal to a younger target group. Although he is strong-willed, he is also loved by the elders. And after the initial shock, people will get used to it and take it.

How is this campaign different from other campaigns in the Czech market? Even the penny chain that Michal David sang in his advertisements in the past was able to “shock” the customers.

Lidl’s approach is more empathetic and modern to me. Penny appeals to older generations with its celebrity selection.

Aren’t young people amused by the same “retro”? What impact does David have on this generation of customers?

in a discouraging way. Michal David appeals to the middle-aged and older crowd, but struggles with the younger generation.

And what about actress Izina Vodarova, who circled discounted merchandise with penny flyers? Marketing experts have criticized the campaign for its corny approach to seniors.

The seniors are also very popular, and Izina is the idol of the seniors. The middle generation won’t get angry, but the young generation is out of the question. Here, Penny makes a point of focusing on seniors and seniors. Michal David has tried to rejuvenate at least partially, but he’s still talking about customers over the age of 45.

Fast food chain McDonald’s followed Lidl in August. It showed dance and song chef Pshemko Forate, who had worked in fast food for a long time. Izzy Briand again participated in the production of Spot. For example, the chain’s Baghterrie Boulevard spot was quickly parodied.

It was a good move from McDonald’s point of view, but not the other way around… while the campaign got a lot of attention and generated a lot of opinions, the comments weren’t very positive. It’s true that experiences don’t have to be positive. In particular, it is a fact that experience is strong. Jamie Oliver is just one.

To generalize a bit, are Czech Republic brands, especially established retail chains, successful in attracting customers of all ages?

Marketers are finding it increasingly difficult. They try to invent communication in the spirit of “difference or die”, but few do it well. Lidl does it best. Through marketing, as well as product strategy, store networks and staff compensation. It has come a long way from its controversial market entry and is now a role model for others. They also have, in addition to Captain Demo, e.g. a limited series of retro goods (Lidl’s own branded t-shirt or shoes, memo ed.). That’s probably the right recipe – don’t be afraid to experiment and go against the flow.

What makes the Czech customer so special? Are there any precautions brands should take?

I think Czechs are more cynical. They love to criticize, and perhaps thanks to social networks they have been able to release a lot of their frustrations and envy or complex people’s frustrations. They rarely praise or thank you.

Therefore, I encourage transparency, honesty and verified facts, and do not waste on exaggerated promises. and don’t be misled by the rhetoric of haters and trolls.

As part of brand promotion, what steps do Czech customers repeat while discouraging them?

A noble communication full of superlatives and self-praise. Such a very confident “American” approach. Less is better here, success is unacceptable in the Czech Republic.

Lidl’s demo and Penny’s David demo on social media:

  • Digital agency Adbros compared Lidl’s ad campaign with Kapitan Demo to Penny Market’s ad with singer Michal David. We compared the success of the two spots They were guided by the number of mentions in the comments.
  • “Both campaigns have a lot in common: they use local artists, they use musical formats, they work with humor and exaggeration,” said analysis available at Aktuálně.cz. Summarized. By comparison, the Lidl chain is better.
  • Analysts collected campaign mentions by a total of 2,200 users within 10 days of Spot launch. Of these, 1,319 were related to Lidl chain campaigns and 881 were related to Penny Market chain campaigns. Mentions appeared primarily on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Social network users often commented on the entire ad spot. Penny His Market campaign accounted for nearly 90% of the mentions, nearly three-quarters of which were of a negative nature. For Lidl, about 75% of the panelists gave an opinion on the quality of the spot, with slightly fewer negative opinions, totaling 52%.
  • In the case of Penny, the majority of social network users had a negative attitude towards the person named Michal David. They were mostly troubled by his relationship with his subsidies and his worldly past. “At the same time, some users welcomed the fact that the funds were used for employee salaries instead of advertising. Adbros Renata Mirekova said.
  • Lidl and the Demo captain did not receive the slightest negative remarks in the so-called opinion, but the criticism concerned him as well. “Negative comments about this ad were mostly from people who hated Democrats. I did,” Milekova added.
  • Of the total of 152 mentions comparing the two spots, 61% were positive about the Lidl campaign. On the contrary, about a fifth of people rated the clip negatively, while at the same time he loved the Michal David and Penny His Market ad itself. “Further comparisons were made by stating that Captain Demo outperforms Michal David even clumsily,” the investigation further stated.

Advertising spot with Captain Demo “Voice of Lidl”

Video: Youtube / Lidl Czech Republic

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