They put their virginity up for auction. Pictures reveal the secrets of the life of a Japanese geisha | a woman. cz

The geisha tradition is associated with Kyoto and its Gion region, where most of them can still be seen to this day. They gracefully navigate along the cobbled streets to wander from one cafe encounter to the next.

Becoming an army was a big dream of many Japanese women. Intensive training in traditional dance, playing Japanese instruments – the classical oud and the three-stringed shamisen oud – as well as etiquette and the art of conversation takes five years.

Girls begin their studies at the age of 15. Unlike in the Middle Ages, the mahara must have completed compulsory education and her parents must agree to join the okija house.

In the Middle Ages, girls started school at the age of six, and poor parents sold them here.

At around the age of twenty, these girls become Gekko. Their job is to entertain VIPs, especially at dinners and banquets.

Training a geisha was very difficult in many ways. For example, during the entire tea ceremony, they sat in a strange position on their heels that was not comfortable. It takes several years to get used to it.

Take a look at our gallery for colorful historical photos from the lives of these mysterious Japanese women. The current geisha also shared her experience in this profession.


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