They should have looked completely different. The jaw that changed the world of cinema returns to cinemas | Currently

Local Police Chief Martin Brody discovers the head and part of the torso of a woman on the beach. The doctor is convinced that the woman was killed by a shark. “After 47 years, the grandfather of blockbuster summer films is back in cinemas, which still manages to terrify,” film critic Mogmir Sedlasik says of the popular thriller Jaws.

Video review of the hit movie Jaws. | Video: Mogmir Sedláek, Blahuslav Bata

It’s the return of one of the most iconic films of all time to the big screen. Young director at that time Steven Spielberg He encountered great difficulties in filming, dolls of sharks were destroyed by salt water, and part of the material depicted almost drowned in the ocean. The resulting film was very different from the director’s vision.

“A sea killer appears rarely, the viewer knows about its existence, but has no idea when and how exactly it will appear,” he finally describes the strong side of Sedláček’s film, according to which everything is enhanced by the Oscar-winning music of John Williams.

After successful test screenings, the world studio decided to support the film with huge advertisements and chose a non-standard summer date for the premiere. “At that time, the term blockbuster was used, which means a movie in which queues reach the corner of an apartment building,” adds Mojmír Sedláek, adding that the hit showed Hollywood was struggling the path to global economic dominance.


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