To hand over your old phone for recycling, Vodafone offers a discount on a new phone –

A discount of up to 2,000 kroner on the purchase of a new device can be obtained by anyone who turns in an old phone for eco-recycling at a Vodafone branch of the mobile operator between today and September 15. The discount can be applied to all smartphones currently owned by Vodafone on the list They are categorized based on the model that the interested party applies to it. On the contrary, it is not critical the condition of the original mobile phone, nor the carrier used by the buyer.

The maximum discount will be reached when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S22 with a capacity of 128 GB, and you will be able to discount the thousand when you buy a Samsung A53 or another model at a regular price above 10,000 kroner. 500 kroner discount can be applied to all other models event terms.

Vodafone launched a similar event last fall called Eco Friday. Thus several hundred old cell phones were recycled. Now, for the first two weeks of September, catch up on this event and reward customers for a kinder approach to the planet.

“Customers have been able to return non-essential devices in our stores since 2005, and we, through partners, are ensuring that they are used again. However, we now offer the opportunity to get, in addition to feeling good, a tangible reward in the form of a discount on a new phone.” A Vodafone spokesperson says: Susanna Hola. Proceeds from the recycling will then go to support socially beneficial projects for the Vodafone Foundation, such as the Záchranka, Echo or Bright Sky apps, which help victims of domestic violence.

Vodafone is already playing an environmental note to its customers when choosing a new device. So it was introduced some time ago environmental assessment, any system for assessing the impact of the telephone on the environment. In it, it is possible to compare parameters such as the life of the device or its repairability.


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