Třinec lost at LM with Skelleftea and in a rematch, Sparta won at Aalborg 6:2 | Currently

The hockey players from Třinec lost in the third round of the Champions League at home to Skelleftee 4:5 and held the fight to advance to the playoffs. The Swedes replaced the Czech champions in the four-member Group H for second behind leader Davos, with five points in the table, and Foil Steelers one point lower. In the first set, after two setbacks, Sparta won by 6:2 on the ice at Aalborg.

Třinec lost by two goals in Sweden, but earned at least a point for their 2:3 loss in overtime. Even in the rematch, he had to make up for a 0:2 loss. After just 88 seconds, Kühnhackl opened the scoring, passing Ročák and sending a puck over the Mazanc player. Max Lindholm increased the score in the ninth minute when he finished off the empty net after Lundberg’s pass.

“We played a very good match against them in Skelleftea, but this time we were at the short end of most of the match,” said Tunik’s assistant coach Vladimir Orszag. He said in the match: “The opponent entered the match better and created more chances. He skated excellently, was strong on the ball, did things quickly and didn’t let us get into anything. It took a while before we went into the match.” beginning.

Marcinko cut the score midway through the game on strong play, but Hogg made it 4:1 for the visitors with two goals within 95 seconds. With the first hit, his shot rebounded into the net from Jeřábek’s defenders, and on the second he completed a quick set. Třinca gave hope with a Daňa goal in the 39th minute from a penalty kick.

Skelleftea responded in the 46th minute, and Pudas ended the successful interaction with an artillery shell. Růžička made the match more exciting with a two-stroke – first cutting with a backhand trick of the escape and in a strong four-on-three play, he made his mark with a shot from behind the left circle. The Steelers had nine minutes to equalize and push the opponent but the score didn’t change.

“The players showed their character in the third half, we scored one goal and we still had chances. But we made a lot of mistakes in the match and the opponent deservedly won,” Orszag said. The Steelers will play a game in Belfast on Sunday, beating home 4-0 in the opening round. “We want to win and keep our chance of promotion,” he said.

Sparta took over

The Spartans scored their first points in the Champions League this year after two narrow defeats against Aalborg and Lulia with the same 2:3 score. An excellent start to the match greatly helped the people of Prague succeed, they were already ahead 3:0 after the first half. Captain Michel Shipbeck was among the top scorers twice, and also scored assists. Another striker, Vladimir Sobotka, also managed to score four points, adding three passes to the goal.

Coach Pavel Patera’s men were playing hard at the end of the opening minute, and Seebek punished the home team’s indiscipline, who then performed a superb interaction with Konyon in the sixth minute, and the Spartans topped 2:0. Rebek took advantage of another numerical advantage from a similar ground as in the first strike .

At the start of the second half, goalkeeper Kořenář had a lot to fight for, but Gooch fired from him only mid-game clean sheets after Sparta Forman scored the fourth goal. However, the additional vice-champion of the league did not allow any major complications – right at the beginning of the third part, Sobotka played with home goalkeeper Lilly and increased the score to 5: 1. Although Jacobsen answered, Horak had the last word.

Hockey League:

Group A:

Aalborg Pirates – HC Sparta Prague 2: 6 (0:3, 1:1, 1:2)

Goals and aids: 30. Gooch (P. Bjorkstrand), 45. Jakobsen – 3. epík (D. Kaše, Sobotka), 6. Konečný (Řepík), 17. epík (Horák, Sobotka), 25. Forman, 41. Sobotka (Horac, Muravcik), 59. Horak (Sobotka, Sepik). Referees: Druseiks (Lat.), Lundsgaard – Knosen, Dalsgaard (all Danes). Exception: 3: 4. Usage: 1: 2. Viewers: 2295.

Sparta variety: Kořenář – Moravčík, Krejčík, Polášek, Graňák, Němeček, M. Jandus, Jurčina – Řepík, Horák, Sobotka – D. Kaše, G. Thorell, Safin – Forman, Přibyl, Buchtele – Kuser, Coach: Patera.

1. lulia 3 3 0 0 0 12:7 9
2. Sparta Prague 3 1 0 0 2 10: 8 3
3. Yokorit Mikkeli 3 1 0 0 2 10:12 AM 3
4. the blessing 3 1 0 0 2 8:13 am 3

Group H:

Ocelarí Třinec – Skelleftea AIK 4: 5 (0:2, 2:2, 2:1)

Goals and assists for assists: 30. Marcinko (M. Doudera), 39. Daňo (J. Hudáček, Čukste), 47. M. Růžika, 51. M., Granberg), 9. M. Lindholm (Lundberg, Kühnhackl), 31. Hugg (Granberg), 32. Hugg (Möller, O. Nilsson), 46. Pudas (Forsfjäll, Kühnhackl). Referees: Hronský (SR), Sir – Ondráek, Špůr (All Czech Republic). Exception: 4: 6. Use: 2: 0. Viewers: 2601.

Třinec variety: Mazanec – Marinčin, M. Doudera, Ročák, Čukste, Jeřábek, Zahradníček – M. Růžička, P. Vrána, M. . Coach: Motak.

1. Davos 2 2 0 0 0 9:5 6
2. Skelleftia 3 1 1 0 1 10:9 5
3. Twink 3 1 0 1 1 10: 8 4
4. Belfast 2 0 0 0 2 3:10 am 0

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