Twitter attracted 2,000 people to Rokycan, and the match was held in a Champions League studio | Currently

Less than 2,000 spectators watched the domestic league match against Slovan Liberec in the league today in Rokikany. The match of the second round of the MOL Cup football, which ended in a ratio of 1: 5, received amazing support on social networks, especially on Twitter, where a local youth coach created an account for this duel.

It’s a great upgrade for the city, which she’s lived in completely for weeks, Deputy Mayor Jan Shachik told ČTK. They don’t remember such a visit to Rokikani. The access streets to the stadium and the parking lot around it were full, and the police were regulating traffic in the city.

“It’s more than what came four years ago for a friend’s party with Viktorka from Pilsen, when there were 900,” said the organizer, who sold private tickets. According to the assistant coach of youth Pavel Pinajtra, for the first time ever, scarves were sold on the field, which were made for matches of big clubs – in the first half they had the inscription and emblem of the Rokikani club and on the other side Slovan Liberec.

According to locals, the Rokycan soccer Twitter has been up for about a month, and according to everyone contacted, it should continue. Part of the proceeds from the entrance fee (150 kroner for adults) and from the sale of scarves (300 kr) should go to support it, and the rest to the young people who participated in the organization.

“Footballers are very active on Instagram, but because of the match with Liberec, they started Twitter a few weeks ago and have a large following. I hope they will continue to do so. There is a lot of interest in it and it is very well presented by the city,” Shashak said. According to him, the posts are very funny and informative. According to Shachik, the Rockies considered it their Match of the Year. The city and its campus are very supportive of football.

“I wasn’t expecting so many people here, the atmosphere was nice. I watched the huge campaign on social networks, they did it well. It can attract people to football,” Liberec’s Oliver Fliegen said. According to him, the division team did not play badly, they tried very hard.

The Rokikan match was also entered in the Champions League studio on Nova Sport

“The entire Rukikani lived during the match for three or four weeks. The Twitter account was created by the youth coach who didn’t want to be named. We’ll see if it lasts, it’s worth the time,” said Benagter. According to him, the local team gave everything for the match, and the players were already suffering from cramps. “I love that the school and youth players have been invited. It is an inspiration for them to get into the first team knowing that they can play with such a team in Rokikani. This is a great motivation,” he said. It was a great experience to have Prima TV come to the stadium and talk to the young people.

“The rhythm of the match was faster than we are used to. I think it can push us even further. The number of spectators was fantastic,” Roquecan player Jakob Januta said. He was well aware of the crackdown on Twitter, thanks to which a lot of people also came from Liberec. According to him, the first two or three goals are unnecessary because of his mistakes. “If we have more matches like this, it will improve our playing style and our experience a lot,” he added.


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