Twitter begins testing the ability to edit tweets within 30 minutes of being posted –

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Perhaps the most requested feature on Twitter is one step closer to reality. Twitter announced it Testing the ability to edit tweets after they are published has begun.

Internal staff are currently participating in the test, and in a few weeks, users with a Twitter Blue subscription (not yet available in the Czech Republic) will have to wait as well. Testing will initially be limited to users from one country (Twitter does not say which country).

Author: Twitter

As part of the test, users will be given the opportunity to edit a tweet posted multiple times within 30 minutes of being posted. An edited tweet will display a sticker indicating that it has been modified, along with the date it was modified. Clicking on the label will take the user to their Tweet history, where they can view previous versions of the Tweet.

However, it is still just a test. Much can still be changed before the feature is made available to all users.

A similar option already For a long time it was introduced by the Facebook competitor, for examplePosts can also be edited after posting. Facebook also displays a history of edits, but unlike Twitter, it doesn’t have a short time limit for making edits.


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