Varied quotes, pictures from elsewhere. Several lies emerged after the anti-government protests

“Countworkers” Rajshall and “Hope Cam”

“I would like to thank all of you for coming from all over our country, for hearing our plea and for having more than 100,000 people here today. There are so many of you here that they start to fear us. Czech television does not broadcast about it at all. The Mayor of Prague, Mr. Hřib, turned off the cameras from Wenceslas Square, they are very afraid of us … You know, I was teaching at the police academy, and my colleagues, who are interfering here today, wrote to me from the car, there are more than 100,000 people here, they counted, and even the police wrote to me: We are with you !” announced the PRO Party Chairman Jindřich Rajchl, on Saturday 3 September 2022, at Wenceslas Square.

From a demonstration called the Czech Republic in first place on Wenceslas Square in Prague

Image: We want a resignation. 70,000 people came to demonstrate against the government in Prague

In just these few sentences, he made at least manipulative mistakes, if not lies. It is difficult to assess whether any of the intervening police officers actually wrote to him (this claim has not been substantiated by anything), and in any case, his words about the fact that the police counted more than 100,000 protesters differ significantly from the actual estimates of the Czech Republic police Posted on her official Twitter account.

According to these data, the number of demonstrators at 3:30 p.m. reached nearly 70,000 people. This is also the most common estimate given in relation to the number of participants in the Shabbat demonstration.

Even Rajschlo’s statement, which was not broadcast by Czech television, about the demonstration was not true. In fact, Czech television broadcast live from Wenceslas Square twenty minutes after the start of Saturday’s demonstration, when reporter Vaclav Vohledal transmitted a live broadcast from there. Live TV entries continued after the broadcast of Mikhail Gorbachev’s funeral.

“I don’t really consider the two-minute introductions of a babbling reporter or Mr Beihi’s wise speeches, in which footage from Wenceslas Square is broadcast in the background, as a ‘demonstration broadcast.’ There were the same number of people in Million Moments, so we should have had Same space. And we didn’t even get a hint of it,” Jindřich Rajchl responded to his Facebook profile after drawing attention to the inaccuracy in his statements. existing.

Even Rajshaw’s claim that the cameras were turned off by Mayor Hope does not seem credible. According to Heep himself, the private camera at the Yalta Hotel has already been turned off. The municipal camera with the Prague logo in the corner was on, and according to Hoeep’s information, its recording helped the Czech Republic police estimate the number of participants in the demonstration. The mayor also documented this directly from this webcam.

“Information circulated that Mr. Hoepp had turned off the cameras behind the scenes of the demonstration, and I myself looked at the webcams about 3 times and there was always no footage. Either I am really unlucky to have caught him like a monster like this when there was a short-term outage, Or Mr. Hřib is lying, as if in print. It would probably be hard for anyone to judge us – I’ll leave it up to you, what do you think,” Ragshall replied on his Facebook page, without taking into account the information about the police and the previously mentioned webcam image which Proving Hoeib’s words (the fact that the mayor substantiated his words with photo documents, Rajshall hid from his readers).

Lots of demonstrations

Tricolora’s boss, Susanna Magirova, claimed practically the same thing as Ragshall. She also estimated the number of people in Wenceslas Square at 100 thousand, and also emphasized that “Czech television is always nothing.”

On her Twitter account, she also thanked everyone for their participation and support, and attached this post to a picture of the Czech flag over the heads of the demonstrators. But this photo is not from the September demonstration at all. In fact, it was a photo from a demonstration organized by Million Civilik for the resignation of Andrei Babis, which took place more than three years ago, on June 4, 2019.

After the chief of Tricolora was alerted to the bug by other Twitter users, she deleted the post. Trikolora Vice President Petr Štěpánek has apologized for hitting her on his Facebook profile by saying that people sent photos of her from the demonstration and someone sent them as well.

On September 1, 1992, on the 88th km of the D1 motorway in the direction of Prague, a state BMW car carrying the President of the Federal Assembly of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, Alexander Dubcek, ended up like this

Bend your legs, Dubček heard. His tragic car accident still stirs conjecture

The exchange of demonstrations was repeated several times. Hundreds of Twitter users, including Lukáš Pollert, for example, shared a collage with a comparative pair of photos, which was supposed to show footage from the Million Moments demonstration from June 4, 2019 and the current demonstration from September 3, 2022.

Both photos showed approximately the same number of people, while the caption for the combined photo stated that in the first case, the number of participants was estimated at 120 thousand people, and in the second case it was 70 thousand people. “What is the participants’ estimate based on?” Polert asked sarcastically. Rajchl then shared his post with the words “Thanks for the support, Lukas!”

But again, that was manipulation. The 2019 photo came not from the June 4 protest, but from the photo that took place on May 21 – the number of participants at that time was estimated at 60,000, a number that roughly corresponds to the Saturday participation.

intentionally distorted statement

The intentionally distorted statement by Prime Minister Petr Fiala that Saturday’s demonstration in Wenceslas Square was “invited by forces that claim pro-Russian orientations, are close to extremist positions and oppose the interests of the Czech Republic” has become widespread misinformation.

Kristi Kalyulaidova.

The lie about the Estonian president continues to spread. It was also shared by MEP Evan David

And the informants quickly distorted it, saying: “The demonstrators claim a pro-Russian orientation, are close to extremist positions and are opposed to the interests of the Czech Republic.” Soon began the manifesto, edited for the purpose of wide participation, to which again some active politicians and public figures contributed – for example, shared by publisher and activist Lukáš Lhoťan or the head of the DOL Association Jan Skalický.

Diary against fake news.Diary against fake news.Source: DiaryThe head of the ANO movement, Andrej Babis, also relied on this misinformation in one of his video speeches, which also linked Vial’s statement about the pro-Russian orientation of those who called for the demonstration, which the Prime Minister did not actually do. talking about.


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