Veterinarians warn against French cheese. May contain metal shards |

Veterinary authorities have warned that French goat cheese may contain metal shards. Some of the products were stored in warehouses, while some reached stores of multiple retail chains. People who buy cheese should not eat it. I told the spokesperson for the State Veterinary Service (SVS), Petr Worlicek, that I could return it at the dealer.

French producer Société Fromagere de Riblaire has directly notified Member States about the cheeses at risk of withdrawing three goat cheeses from the market. About 7,500 packages of two different products have reached the domestic market.

The first comes in a 180-gram package and is labeled Buche Fondante Président. A veterinarian was able to capture more than his third of his 6,800 packages of this cheese at a distributor’s warehouse in Říčany, near Prague. The rest have been delivered to customers such as Tesco, Albert, Billa, Kaufland and his Košík in his store online.

The second is goat cheese rolls with white mold, sold in packages of 200 grams. It was delivered to the store from the Lidl chain’s warehouse.The store has now stopped selling cheese and has also notified the website of the possibility of returning the product. website.

Recalled food is discarded.


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