Vildumetsova resigns from the position of Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons due to contact with the



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Effective September 30, Jana Mračková Vildumetzová (ANO) will resign from his position as Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce. She announced this at a press conference after the ANO movement’s Shadow Government meeting. She faced criticism over the fact that businessman and her ANO sponsor, Zakaria Nemura, who was indicted in the dosimeter case, was both a witness at her wedding and the godfather of her children. Politicians have previously denied contact with Nemra.

“From the first day, he repeats that he is my husband’s friend. When I was at his wedding and christening, I never thought the police would one day prosecute him.

She said her conscience was perfectly clear, unlike “organized crime of STAN and other government party politicians.” “I have always fought corruption and fraud. All those who commit it should be punished accordingly,” she said. According to her, her decision to step down is not fair, but her family deserves it.

“Truth and love will never win again,” commented ANO President Andrei Babis. He said that Vildumetz is a hardworking and honest woman.He also responded to her Vít Rakušan statement of the STAN chairman and interior minister. He did not deny in the morning that coalition MPs could proceed with her dismissal if her deputy did not step down. He called it a powerful solution. “What is unbelievable is that organized crime ringleaders, the Mafia and the Austrian Interior Minister are threatening to use force,” Babis said.

The Austrian said Wildumetsova could not credibly explain her family relationship with Nemra. “That is why I consider her decision to be the only right one,” he wrote. It is said that “She’s been here for weeks and has been meeting with people involved in the Dosimeter case, and has called on others to step down. And she herself, with close family ties to these people, literally We were building a godfather relationship,” Julechka said.

The fact that Nemra was both a witness at her wedding and godfather to her child was reported by a server on Wednesday. does not affect When Message listVildumetz had previously claimed that Nemrah was an acquaintance of her husband and she herself had no contact with him. She rejected calls for her resignation, and the ANO leadership expressed their confidence in her. Vildumetzová is Karlovy she is the former governor of the Vali region. She is a member of her ANO President and in the movement’s shadow government, she has been assigned the seat of Minister of the Interior.

“You, as your best friend and godfather, will not marry someone you barely know.”

The People’s Party, TOP 09 and the Pirates Congress Club called on her to resign Thursday morning. According to her TOP 09 club president Jan Jakob Vildumetzová, not only was she unable to credibly explain her relationship with one of the main defendants in the dosimeter case, but footage of her wedding proves she wasn’t telling the truth. .

The president of the STAN club, Joseph Kogan, said that, according to him, the suspicions were mainly caused by her communication with Vildumetsova. seems highly unlikely,” he wrote. According to him, the situation demonstrates the alibiism and double standards in her ANO movement, belittling and ignoring contact between its members and the criminal environment.

“She and her husband were close friends with members of Reddle’s gang. “I don’t take people I hardly know. And a quick takedown of the wedding. The video won’t help her either,” he tweeted to Pirates boss Ivan Bartosz. According to him, MEP Izzy Pospicil (TOP 09) should also be held responsible for the dosimeter incident. According to police, his adviser and close friend Jizzy Freml was in contact with Michal Redl.


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