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The Ministry of Industry and Trade has almost prepared a series of measures to solve the energy crisis. Aid should target all groups of consumers. For example, it includes compensation for businesses that have lost profitability. This was stated by Minister of Industry and Trade (STAN) Josef Sikera at a meeting of the Senate Committee on Wednesday. According to him, the measures must go beyond the agreement in the European Union.

According to Sikera, the agreement reached by European Union ministers in charge of energy is not enough to resolve the crisis. “Therefore, we have almost prepared a set of measures to regulate and intervene in energy prices, which will focus on all consumer groups: households, public services and businesses,” said the minister.

According to Síkela, there may be caps on energy prices for households and public services. States want to act similarly against them. At the same time, the minister pointed out that interference with the national budget also needs to be addressed.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has prepared a compensation plan for companies. Previously proposed compensation for businesses suffering operating losses was not sufficient, according to the minister. The new proposal should also offer the possibility of compensation for businesses whose profitability has fallen significantly due to the current crisis. . In such cases, the state distributes compensation according to preset criteria.

Sikera also reiterated that the Czech Republic cannot leave the pan-European electricity market. “We export electricity to neighboring countries, but on the other hand we are 100% dependent on gas and oil imports. So we cannot leave the electricity market and demand solidarity in other markets. ‘ added the Minister.

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