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According to winger Jacob Jankt, Sparta players only have to blame themselves for their early season losses. Despite the long overtime, the Prague team only drew 1:1 in the sixth round of the first league in Jablonec and did not win for the second consecutive time and the third time overall in the major competition year.

Summer signing Letinsky warned the twenty-six-year-old that if the Spartans didn’t avoid mistakes like today and the last time against the Bohemians in 1905, they would have a hard time winning.

Jablonec’s Spartans took the lead from the 10th minute after a goal from Krzysztof Dačić, but shortly before the break they allowed Milos Kratochvíl to equalize and after a change of teams did not use the power of play after Jakub Bovakanek was sent off in the 55th minute.

“We were in the lead and then we get a goal that we simply shouldn’t have. I think the match was in absolute control for 40 minutes. We started with an excellent press, we scored a quick goal. Jablonec didn’t have anything there, and we got a goal from the skewed ball.” After the match kicks off. And even though we didn’t lose, a draw is definitely not enough for us,” Yankto expressed in an interview with the club’s TV channel.

After a draw at home on Saturday with the Bohemians 1905, Sparta played 1: 1 for the second time in a row, and on Wednesday their loss against Slavia could increase to four points already at the start of the season.

“We get into trouble ourselves. It’s not about Jablonec, it’s not about Bohemia. It’s just about us. If we repeat these mistakes, unfortunately we will not win,” Jancto noted.

“In the first and second half, there were moments that simply could not happen to us. In the second half, Jablonek went to goal alone with ten men, and there were several breaks. Then we could not finish it in the last part of the field, including me. We have to. We all have to start with ourselves, what we can do better. We can’t look at others, we have to blame,” added Yankto, who came to Litna as a pupil of Slavia rivals in the first half of August from Spain’s Getafe on loan with an option.

So far in the season, Sparta has problems playing full defense. Both Jablonec and Bohemians came with three stoppers. “The competitors against us all start with a 5-4-1 formation. When Jablonec got a red card, he just pulled it off. I think we have to take more risks, be braver on one. Give more crosses, pour them in there,” he said. Yankto.

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