We have to do it smartly, encourages Satoransky. The Czech star is not missing from the ME list | Currently

After injuring his ankle, Tomasz Satoranski has not missed the final 12-player Czech basketball nomination for the European Championship, which Ronen Ginzburg’s men will enter on Friday at the O2 Arena in Prague against Poland.

The 30-year-old leader Satoransky injured his right ankle on August 19 at the tournament in Hamburg at the start of the second half of the match against Germany. He accidentally stepped on the opponent’s foot.

Since then, Barcelona’s summer signing from Washington has been under the auspices of professionals including NBA player Navin Hettiarachi. Tonight, Satoransky re-trained with the team at the O2 Arena for the first time.

“Since this happened, I have been doing rehab from morning to evening. The ankle is improving day by day. We talked about it with the coach, he will decide before the game. We have to start with it smart and not rush into anything,” Satoransky said after training the day before the start of the day. championship.

“But I’m really satisfied and I believe in the work I did on the ankle in those thirteen days,” he added.

He felt better after training with a brace on his injured leg. “Even to me, what it looked like was a mystery. I actually got my first one on Wednesday (An individual) Training and I was very pleasantly surprised. After today, I will say the same.”

“When you train with the team and are in touch, you forget about injury more than when you are on the pitch alone and trying different moves. We will see what he has to offer tomorrow morning,” he shrugged.

Coach Ginsburg is thrilled to have Satoransky on staff. “I don’t know yet if he will be ready for all matches. In any case, we have to appreciate all the efforts he made so that we can join the team,” the coach said.

“It’s important for Czech fans to know something. I don’t care if Tomas plays all the matches, one minute, or doesn’t start at all. But the commitment this boy showed is his ability to play for the national team,” he said with Ginzburg.

“I think a lot of players in his situation will say: ‘Thank you, I’m done.’ And they will go to the club. We are lucky to have Tomas. Whether he plays or not,” added the Czech chief strategist. Team.

According to him, the key is that Satoransky will be in the team. “This is definitely crucial. His influence on the team is huge on and off the field, so it’s good to have him here. And for me, even if he can’t play for a minute, I would like to share him on the bench with us,” the coach repeated.

Winger Lukáš Palyza of Nymburk and point guard Viktor Půlpán of Brno were not included in the list, which was confirmed by team management at today’s technical meeting.

Eight of the twelve basketball players appeared at the Olympics last year, with an independent national team arriving for the first time since the partition of Czechoslovakia. In Tokyo, only Tomasz Kislink, injured captain Wojciech Hruban and pivotal player Martin Keys were all missing, and after a season offs after knee surgery, Vet Craigie was also missing. 22-year-old Craigie of Oklahoma, the fifth Czech player in NBA history, will be the only one to make his debut in a major international event.

Satoransky, Hruban, Kitsch, Patrik Oda, Ondig Palvin, Jaromir Bohačík and Martin Petrka finished sixth in the world’s history in China in 2019. Auda, Bohačík, Hruban, Kříž, Satoranský, Peterka and Kyzlink all performed at the recent Euro 2017 finals, where The Ginzburg men finished 20th in Cluj, Romania.

Ginzburg recalled Pohaczyk’s illness and Craigie’s injury: “I am satisfied with the 12 selected, but less than prepared, as we missed a number of players in matches. But in the end we got them back.” who participated fully in training after the break only on Monday.

In the end, the participant in the last successful big Palyza event did not fit into the team, and Půlpán would not be able to make his debut on the big international stage.

“Especially when it comes to Lukáš Palyza, it was a difficult decision. He is a player who has been with us for nearly ten years and is valuable to us, so his removal was one of the most difficult times during my time with the national team. But Lukács still belongs in our squad. surely “.

Kitsch and Petrka also had issues with their appearances in preparations, and now the team is doing well according to team doctor Pavel Seaman. “There is an increasing tendency and the situation is getting better every day, if you give an optimistic outlook. Fortunately, the vast majority of injuries and illnesses have been resolved. As for Tomas Satoransky’s injury, his condition is improving, although the recovery time was very short,” said Iman.

“Tomasz finally decided to give it a try after considering all the circumstances and risks, and we all hope that his ankle will last. His situation will be resolved game by game, definitely not going to be at 100 per cent and the minutes will not be what we are. We expect him to get used to it, but in time Currently, he should be able to participate in the match, the question is whether he is in all matches,” Seaman added.

After the duel with Poland, basketball players will also play in Group D in Prague with Serbia (September 3), the Netherlands (September 5), Finland (September 6) and Israel (September 8). If they finish fourth, they will continue to play-off matches in Berlin.

Final nomination of European Commission basketball players (1-18 September):

Quarterback: Tomáš Satoranský (Barcelona / Sp.), Vít Krejčí (Oklahoma Thunder / NBA), Ondřej Sehnal (Braunschweig / Germany).

wings: Jaromir Pohaczyk, Tomasz Kislink (Bamberg/Germany), Wojciech Hroban (London/UK), David Jelinek (Murcia/Spain).

Axes: Jan Vesselo (Barcelona/(sp.), Martin Koch (Nymburk), Patrick Oda (Gokohama/Japan), Ondig Palvin (Prometheus/Ukr), Martin Petrka (Braunschweing/Germany).

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