We want the government to resign, 70,000 people chanted in Prague. They are plagued by high energy prices now.cz



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About 70,000 people turned out on Saturday for more than three hours of demonstrations against the government on Wenceslas Square in Prague, according to police. The protests, which put the Czech Republic in first place, were a joint action of organizations, political parties and citizens who opposed current policies and wanted the government to resign.

According to Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS), the event was convened by forces claiming to be pro-Russian, close to extremist and contrary to the interests of the Czech Republic. . Organizers are planning another demonstration on September 28.

“We call for the establishment of a provisional government by experts and for early elections. declare the right to protest and announce the compulsion according to the Constitution of the Czech Republic “We are already negotiating with trade unions, entrepreneurs, farmers, mayors, transporters and other organizations to declare a strike,” they said. warned. According to their estimates, he was attended by more than 100,000 people today.

Organizers criticized soaring energy prices and the current government’s pro-Western policy. They demanded the approval of their representatives to sign short-term contracts for supplies of cheap gas and oil. Another requirement was the replacement of the CT Council and the Czech Broadcasting Council.

In response to the demonstrations, Prime Minister Fiala said it was clear that there was a pro-Russian disinformation campaign going on in the Czech Republic and that someone was being targeted. According to him, Russia is waging an economic war with her EU countries through energy. The policies of the previous government of Andrei Babis (ANO) have made the Czech Republic completely dependent on Russian energy, and the current government is taking steps to eliminate dependence as soon as possible, he said. . He added that everyone has the right to express their opinion.

The organizers of the demonstration, among other things, claimed the Chcíplé pes movement, which occurred during the covid-19 epidemic and opposed measures against the spread of infection. Organizers said the protesters were mostly middle-aged and older. Young people are probably not yet aware of the seriousness of the current situation, said one of the speakers, Machej Gregor of the Svobodny Party.

Among the speakers, for example, was the head of the Tricolore Movement, Zuzana Majerova Zahradnikova, who said the government should end anti-Russian sanctions and stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine. . Member of Parliament Lubomir Volny (Freebloc) then called for the military’s cooperation. Other speakers spoke out for peace or against vaccination against covid-19. Among them are, for example, Miroslav Havrda, vice-president of the Free Peoples and founder of the Parallel Medical Chamber, KSČM presidential candidate Joseph Skala, medical worker Petra Ledova Fazimonova. was Senate of the Pravo Respekt Odbornost Group.

Rescuers treated nine people during the demonstration, one of whom was taken to hospital. “Most people needed the help of paramedics due to nausea, collapse or other less serious reasons,” said Jana Poshtova, a spokeswoman for the Prague Rescue Service.

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