Wedos paid a dividend to small shareholders for the first time. He is concerned about rising energy prices –

Wedos . data centerAuthor: Wedos

hosting company and DOS Last year, it generated a turnover of 148 million kronor, with a profit after tax of 9.8 million kronor. Trading volume jumped ten percent year on year, and profits fell four percent. The reason is increased energy costs and investments in new services.

“Since the second half of 2021, the development of the company has been affected the most by the rise in electricity prices. As we already know today, it continues to increase as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine. The price of electricity has increased by 450 percent year on year. It became the second impetus to determine the direction of the company It is the most frequent DDoS attacks and a comprehensive view of cybersecurity, even as it relates to what is happening in the world in 2022,” Wedos stated in the financial statements.

“If electricity prices do not drop significantly, which we unfortunately do not expect, then in 2022 we will have to increase the price of VPS, VPS SSD, VPS ON, WEDOS Cloud, WMS and specific dedicated server services. Electricity constitutes a large part of the costs of these services,” the company noted. Services. Other Czech data centers are or will become more expensive. Head Widos Joseph Grill He wrote an open letter to the government about the energy situation.

Oil-cooled servers, which have been in use for several years, are supposed to help put the energy into the company. According to Wedos, it is very difficult to build everything, and the launch is supposed to take place in the middle of this year. “This is preceded by everything being thought out in detail, computation, testing, and finally its construction and revitalization. Each of these steps is completely unique and often requires several testing phases. In any case, we promise to reduce oil cooling costs in light of the growth of electricity.”

Wedos also paid first-time dividends to hundreds of small shareholders: “Each shareholder received approximately 36.9566 CZK after tax on each share held.”


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