While preparing for the Prague 2050 exhibition, we realized we were already experiencing a climate catastrophe, say Dušek and Unzeitigová

From the end of June to the end of September, Mimochodem Gallery, located in the metro area below Palackého náměstí, presents an exhibition by Terezia Unzeitigová and Ondřej Dušek titled Praha 2050.

Six large-format illustrations, supplemented by text, show the possible impact of the climate crisis on specific locations in Prague. Writer and draftsman Terezie Unzeitigová and architect and illustrator Ondřej Dušek selected the Barandowski Most, Jizího zu Poděbrady Square, the entrance to the Blanca Tunnel, the Smichovska Nadragy neighborhood, suburban satellites and metro stations for the simulation of the future. I called. The exhibition can be viewed outside of Prague at: Instagram Prague 2050.

The author of the exhibition has this to say about the whole concept: “Scientists’ predictions about the ongoing climate crisis are widely known. But how will it manifest itself in our urban environment? Loss of safe water, unstable supply, these are just a few of the expected impacts: the Barandowski Bridge, Jizíjoz Poděbrady Square, the Blanca Tunnel entrance, suburban satellites, metro stations, etc. The illustrations depict certain places in Prague, about which we try to imagine how life in the city will change, and when the climate crisis hits them, its inhabitants What kind of problems do we face? We haven’t taken the threat seriously enough yet.”

In a podcast interview, Ondřej and Tereza explain how the overall idea for the exhibition came about, what exactly their illustrations represent and how they collaborated. The authors also consider the steps politicians should take to avoid dystopian scenarios and explain what is missing in the debate about climate disasters and urban life. How did topics such as coronavirus begin to be prescribed in the three-year process? And what surprised the authors most during their work?

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